5/20/08, Taurus, Year of the Rat, Intp, Melancholic Temperment, Neutral good, Changeling Soul. Agender/Androgyne depending on the day, A-spec Bisexual, femme preference. Self-identified Otaku. Any pronouns are fine. I go by Stella in most online circles, but I've grown fond of the name Atlas. Regrettably, I live in america. Learning Japanese in my free time along with html and python. I like computers, Anime, Video Games, music (particularly of the j-rock and idol variety), Fashion and the rare book. My favorite Anime is Trigun Stampede and Kekkai Sensen, My favorite Manga is Berserk, My favorite video games are Persona 5 Royal, Guilty Gear Strive and Fear and Hunger Termina, My favorite band is either Fake Type or Hitorie depending on the day, favorite characters are Goro Akechi, Jun Kurosu, Makoto Yuuki, Jin Kisaragi, Romeo F Neumann, Griffith, Serpico, Vash The Stampede, Leonardo Watch, Kaowru Nagisa, Ryo Asuka, Naoto Shirogane, Rise Kujikawa, Hakurei Reimu, Bridget, Uta, Mima Kirigoe. My favorite animals are Foxes, Bunnies and Jellyfish, and I have a dependency on Dr Pepper and sweet tea. I'm an artist, writer, Cosplayer and musican. I like anything creative. Ex-NEET. I have ADHD, And i'm disabled (Syringomyelia). In my future, I want to do translation work (Japanese books and manga, maybe even games), and I want to make my own 2d RPG. I'm not very good at expressing my thoughts, please forgive me. I have a passion for older media and tech, things that are remnants of a bygone era I was not alive to experience. I also love media inspired by the media of the past, and weird indie passion projects.

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